Waternomics Events

Pilots, projects results

Waternomics Results and Impact at Insight@NUIG Seminar

Waternomics Open Day Thermi – Project overview and Methodology


Waternomics Open Day Thermi – Results Thermi domestic pilot (Greece)


Waternomics Open Day Thermi – Results Linate airport pilot


Waternomics Open Day Thermi – Results NUIG and CNAC pilots Ireland

Introduction: What is it all about?

Project overview, goals and achievements

Waternomics – ICT for Water Resource Management


Waternomics: Development of a Water Information Platform based on a Linked Sensor Data Framework


Waternomics: Serving Diverge User Needs under a Single Water Information Platform


Waternomics Project Overiew


Low cost sensors for collecting water data


Waternomics at Conferences


Automated Leak Detection System for the Improvement of Water Network Management

Interactive Water Services: The Waternomics Approach (WDSA 2014)


World Water Congress 2015 – Impact of ICT on water utility business model


Smit IAHR2015 – business drivers for adopting smart water technology


Waternomics project overview for EIP Water Conference 2016