National University of Ireland Galway, Insight (NUIG-INSIGHT)


Insight Galway was founded in 2003, funded by a CSET grant from Science Foundation Ireland, renewed in 2008 and recently in 2013. Today Insight Galway hosts in excess of 130 members and has established itself as a top player worldwide in the Semantic Web / Web / Web Science field. Insight Galway performs fundamental and applied research in the areas of Semantic Web, social networks, data streams, sensor network platforms, NLP, and Semantic Web Services and applies its research results to solve problems in various application-oriented projects in the domains of Green & Sustainable IT, Life Sciences, communication and networking, eLearning, eGovernment, eBusiness and financial services and eHealth. Insight Galway members actively participate in 17 standardisation activities (W3C, OASIS).

National University of Ireland Galway, Civil Engineering Department (NUIG-CE)


Since its foundation in 1849, the National University of Ireland, Galway has served as a center of excellence for teaching and research in Civil Engineering, equipping thousands of graduates with the skills needed to contribute significantly to the profession all over the world. Research activities span a broad spectrum of Civil Engineering subjects, which include (but are not limited to) concrete, steel and timber structures, wind engineering, environmental engineering, highway engineering, geotechnics, earthquake engineering, building energy management, offshore and coastal engineering, construction management, advanced materials and computational mechanics. This topical and strategic research is funded by industrial partners and several national and international funding agencies, including the European Union (EU).

Ultra4 (U4)


Building on 15 years of experience in the European software market, ULTRA4 assists people and businesses to create better software designed for the future. ULTRA4 addresses companies, organizations and self-employed that consider their information systems as a strategic competitive advantage and aim to utilize the best technologies in a reasonably priced manner in order to strengthen their growth. The company was established by a team of ambitious IT professionals with major experience in enterprise software development and related services in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Poland. The company’s product line and services concentrate around the areas of Rich Internet Applications, Portal Sites, Content- and Knowledge Management Solutions, Telecom Applications and System Integration. Our Water Management System business application is a web based computerized system that is used for the economic analysis of water usage and the development and application of water pricing policies according to the Water Framework Directive 2000/60/EC.



UNESCO-IHE, established under the name IHE-Delft in 1957 and a UNESCO Category 1 institute since UNESCO-IHE, established under the name IHE-Delft in 1957 and a UNESCO Category 1 institute since 2003, is the largest international postgraduate water education facility in the world. Its mission is to contribute to the education and training of water professionals and build capacity to organisations active in the fields of water and environment. UNESCO-IHE has provided postgraduate education to more than 14,500 water professionals from 162 countries. Over 140 PhD fellows are currently enrolled in water-related research and more than 200 water research and capacity development projects are carried out at the moment. The institute has vast experience in research projects, such as the FP6 projects FLOODsite and SWITCH, and the recent research projects include: EU Interreg IVB project MARE, EU FP7 projects KULTURisk and WeSenseIt, and the Australian CRC for Water Sensitive Cities project Socio-Technical Flood Resilience.

In Waternomics the Hydroinformatics and Water Governance chair groups are involved. Together these groups count 15 staff members, with a long track-record over the past two decades of hundreds of publications in peer-reviewed international journals, books, book chapters, invited keynotes, etc. The groups are currently supervising over 15 running PhD research projects and have been managing or participating in projects worth more than 5 million Euro research grants. The Hydroinformatics group has extensive experience with research on the integration of data, modelling, and decision support systems. The Water Governance group has extensive experience in analysis of the role of policy development in promoting change-processes, such as change towards more efficient water use as is envisaged in Waternomics.

Delft University of Technology (TUD)


The Department of Water Management of the Faculty of Civil Engineering and Geosciences at Delft University of Technology undertakes research in hydrology, water resources management, and sanitary engineering. The Department has a strong science orientation and received the highest possible mark for research quality during the 2012 international evaluation of all civil engineering departments in The Netherlands. Innovation in modelling and measuring drives our scientific progress and is widely recognized through international prizes.

BM-Change (BMC)


BM-Change is a Dutch strategic innovation consultancy firm. BM-Change helps organisations with the design, management and innovation of their business model. Its services cover strategic innovation, business model innovation and business concept design.

BM-Change‘s expertise is on service design, business model design, business ecosystem design and management of collaborative innovation projects. BM-Change is co-creator of the Business Model Generation methodology and has extensive experience in ICT-driven innovation domains like Telecom & Media, Automotive and Open Data.

R2M Solution s.r.l. (R2M)


R2M Solution s.r.l. is an integrated and multi-disciplinary entrepreneurial innovation company that aggressively targets filling the gap between research activities and market implementation across the fields of Innovation, Engineering, Energy, and ICT/Automation. R2M is a strategic innovator itself and as part of its business model helps organisations and projects plan and execute the strategic use research funding carried out over a comprehensive development strategy from idea to market. In doing so, R2M provides leadership, links high performance exploitation oriented networks, and leverages national, European, and international incentives and support programs. R2M has ownership of patented web-semantic data mining software, has partner agreements with software and technology providers in the field of sustainability, and is the sustainability and innovation consultant for several start-ups, commercial centres, and other corporate profiles. R2M is expert on IPMVP, conducts LEED certification, and provides training that results in Certified Energy Manager qualified personnel.

Società Esercizi Aeroportuali Spa (SEA)


SEA Società Esercizi Aeroportuali Spa is the company that manages the airports of Linate and Malpensa and the core airport activities in support of passenger and cargo aviation. All its activities are performed in compliance with the regulations set by the Aviation Control Boards.

The main activities are the management, development and maintenance of the infrastructures, plants comprising the airports and offering customers of the SEA Group services and activities connected with the arrival and departure of aircraft in addition to airport safety services.

SEA activities are also focused on: Non Aviation business, which includes offering a wide, differentiated range of commercial services to passengers, operators and visitors to Milan’s airports. Handling activities, managed through SEA Handling, consist of providing land-side assistance services to aircraft, passengers, luggage, cargo and post. Furthermore SEA produces electric and thermal energy that is used by the airports.

SEA is controlled by the Municipality of Milan which holds 54.81% of its shares, by F2I SGR Spa – Fondi Italiani per le Infrastrutture – the fund management company dedicated to investments in the infrastructure sector, which holds 44,31% of total shares, and by several small pubblic and private shareholders (0,79%).

The geographical and economic position of SEA’s airports benefits further from their location on two of the main trans-European transportation routes – TEN-T (PP6, PP24), facilitating the east-west movement of people and goods not only inside Europe but also with the Middle and Far East.

Thermi ( THERMI)


The Municipality of Thermi is situated in the eastern area of the prefecture of Thessaloniki (region of Central Macedonia), at a distance of fifteen (15) km from the metropolitan centre of Thessaloniki. The Municipality of Thermi consists of fourteen (14) local communities. Today, the population of the municipality is over 50.000 people (53.070 according to the results of the 2011 census). The Municipality of Thermi is considered to be the administrative, cultural, recreational and entrepreneurial centre for the eastern part of the prefecture. The Municipality of Thermi I is owner of Municipal Water and Sewerage Municipal (MWSM) of Thermi, a company with a total of 24,864 active water meters (July 2013 ) and an annual water consumption in the year 2012 to reach 4.500.000m3. The length of water supply network in all municipal departments is 400.000m and sewerage 60.000 m. The supply of water to residents of the Municipality of Thermi made with 57 drillings and in order to meet the needs of network are used water tanks, capacity over 9.500m3.

VTEC Engineering BV (VTEC)


VTEC Engineering is developing, producing and marketing products for multiple markets. The focus currently is on products for the water industry. The products will enable the monitoring and efficient control of drinking water systems using innovative and low-cost sensors, breakthrough processes and using data mining to minimize the total cost of operation for your business.

VTEC Engineering BV builds on the experience of the sister companies who have participated in several projects covering the monitoring and testing of drinking water systems at the inlet of the drinking water supply as well as in the drinking water distribution system itself. For the latter project sister company VTEC has acted as project leader. For the monitoring of the distribution system VTEC Engineering BV has developed and tested several sensor systems for flow, pressure and temperature. Basis for the products is the easy implementation in the systems while they remain operational. For the flow measurements several concepts have been developed and tested. The concepts based on §the magnetometer and mechanical detection method have been tested and need some further optimization. A new method that we are exploring is a method based on MEMS flow sensors fabricated using LCP. LCP is a material much more flexible and also cheaper than the Silicon which is normally used for the MEMS structures.