Launch of the Public Display App at Colaiste na Coiribe School in Galway, Ireland

On the 27th of October 2016 was an event in one of our pilot sites: Colaiste na Coiribe School in Galway, Ireland. The objective was to launch the public display application for this pilot.

During the event Wassim Derguech from Insight Centre for Data Analytics and Louise Hannon from the Civil Engineering Department at NUIG set a demo session for the public dashboard application of the school. Students were interacting with the application and where asked to fill a questionnaire to get their initial feedback and impressions.


In collaboration with the school’s administration, the event was organised in a suitable time during the day to guarantee a maximum attendance during the event. Approximately 200 students where available during the event. Many of them showed interest in the application and in the project in general.

A random selection of 45 students where asked to fill the 5 questions survey. The results are generally positive as shown in the following:

Q1. What is your impression on the screen and its display?


Q2. Did you find the application easy to use?


Q3. Did you understand the information on the screen?


Q4. Did you like the presentations / visuals?


Q5. Will you use the application again?

WaternomicsAfter the launch of the application in the school, we kept monitoring the interactions of users in terms of the number page visits of the application as shown in the following figure. We noticed a reduced number of interactions due to the location chosen for the screen: the screen was kept in the science lab that limits access of students to the application. With collaboration with the school’s administration, the screen has been moved to a public space within the school. Consequently, the number of interactions increased considerably as it can be perceived in the following figure.



waternomics cnac dashboard