Waternomics Events for January 2017



Waternomics is an EU-funded project coordinated by NUIG that started in 2014 and ends in January 2017. The project aims to reduce water consumption of municipalities, corporations and domestic users by employing smart/ICT enabled water technologies.



The project adopted a holistic approach and combined existing tools with newly developed technologies, hardware and software, to develop the WATERNOMICS platform and a guide to help organisations with the adoption of such a smart water system.


WATERNOMICS for households, schools and airports

The WATERNOMICS platform and methodology have been tested and validated in four distinct pilots, covering a broad range of organisations, end-users and climatological circumstances. At Linate Airport, near Milan, the WATERNOMICS platform has been tested in a corporate environment with a mix of staff and passengers. In the municipality of Thermi in Greece, a region confronted with periods of drought, households have used WATERNOMICS smart water services to reduce consumption. Finally, in two pilot sites in Galway, Ireland, with on average 25 rainfall days per month, the project has investigated the effectiveness of WATERNOMICS in a brand new secondary school and a University building.

WATERNOMICS business impact and post-project research

Pilot results showed a positive effect on water awareness and identified a broad range of drivers for adopting smart water technology. Project partners have agreed to continue with the commercialisation of the WATERNOMICS platform and follow-up research on smart water systems has been defined.


Waternomics team is organizing a series of events in January 2017 to share its results and impact:

  • Waternomics UX Design Thinking Workshop: Waternomics in collaboration with UX Design Galway is hosting a UX Design workshop around Design Thinking. The idea is to introduce what Design Thinking is, how it is applied for the design of some of the Waternomics apps followed by a workshop for living the UX design experience. The event is taking place at Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUIG on 26/01/2017 from 19:00 to 20:30.
  • Waternomics Results and Impact: Waternomics organises and research seminar at the Insight Centre for Data Analytics. The project results and impact areas will be presented to an academic audience at Insight@NUIG on 27/01/2017 from 15:00 to 16:00.
  • Waternomics Final Event: Project partners and invited speakers from national and international institutions will take part of the event to share experience and discuss important results and impacts of the project. The event will be in the form of a one day conference that will take place on 31/01/2017 at the Engineering Building at NUIG.