Thermi Pilot site


The pilot in Thermi aims at domestic environment users. The main differentiation in that environment is this between adults and children in a family although different households have different priorities and incentives for participating in the pilot. However, this differentiation is mostly accommodated by the customization of applications towards each specific households needs. In this pilot the objectives of reducing water consumption and raising water awareness are also accompanied by the objective of changing users behavior and promoting education. In order to achieve this many of the applications make an extensive use of features related with the water flavors concept that helps in creating cognitive links of water consumption with seemingly irrelevant concepts and actions through water footprint data and other tangible water container equivalents. Moreover, a more informal tone in the communication of application with users is adopted in most applications and gamification elements and gaming applications are more prominent than in the Linate pilot discussed earlier. Finally, another distinctive key characteristic employed in applications for Thermi is the comparisons with peers in terms of consumption in order for users to understand where they stand compared with social standards. As explained in many cases this is a quite strong motivator for many people to take specific actions and in Waternomics we are exploiting this heavily in the Thermi pilot.