Waternomics Final Event

Final Event Waternomics



09:00 Welcome and Registration
Introduction 09:30 Welcome & Waternomics Overview

Edward Curry – INSIGHT@NUIG, Galway, Ireland

09:40 Waternomics Key Impacts for Smart Water Management

Eoghan Clifford – Civil Engineering Department, NUIG Galway, Ireland

09:50 Water Conservation in Galway City

Galway City – European Green Leaf 2017

Elizabeth Fanning – Galway City Council, Galway, Ireland

10:10 Coffee Break
ICT4Water Technologies 10:30 Waternomics: Shazam that Water Leak! (Sensors and Faults)

Joanne Crave – UNESCO, IHE, Delft, Netherlands

10:45 Waternomics: Making Sense of Water Data

Wassim Derguech – INSIGHT@NUIG, Galway, Ireland

11:05 Waternomics Applications Platform: Water apps for everyone

Christos Kouroupetroglou – Ultra4, Thessaliniki, Greece

11:25 Waternomics: Methodology

Sander Smit – BMC, Eindhoven, Netherlands

11:45 Panel: Open discussion on Technology-related challenges
12:05 Lunch Break
Pilot Impacts 12:50 Tour of the pilot installations and live demos

Louise Hannon, Wassim Derguech and Aodh Dalton – NUIG, Galway, Ireland

13:20 Waternomics: Overview of the Pilots Objectives, Measures and Outcomes

Louise Hannon – Civil Engineering Department, NUIG Galway, Ireland

13:40 Panel: Pilot Experiences
14:00 Coffee Break
Uptake of ICT4Water Technology 14:20 Waternomics: Business Models and Exploitation

Sander Smit – BMC, Eindhoven, Netherlands

14:40 Africa: Water

Bruce McCormack – EUROGI, Ireland

15:00 Smart Cities – Perspective from the South

Adegboyega Ojo – INSIGHT@NUIG, Galway, Ireland

15:20 Panel: Business Models for ICT4Water
15:40 Closing