Training and Feedback Session at Coláiste na Coiribe School

Coláiste na Coiribe is one of the Waternomics Project Pilot sites for testing ICT enabled technologies for water usage monitoring and saving. The school is an Irish language Secondary School with approximately 500 students and 40 staff and as part of the Waternomics Project, the school’s water usage is monitored by onsite sensors, the data is recorded and accessed remotely by NUIG researchers.

This is not our first training in this pilot site, indeed in March 2015 we organised a workshop for introducing Waternomics concepts and engage students in water conservation and application development workshop. This time, training targets the building manager and teachers to explain and examine the Waternomics concepts to further engage with this pilot stakeholders.

Louise Hannon (Civil Engineering Department at NUIG), Wassim Derguech and Shyam C Jayakrishnan (Insight Centre for Data Analytics at NUIG) and Christos Kouroupetroglou (Ultra4, joined remotely from Greece) animated the session with a training covering two main applications for this pilot: Public display for students and teachers and managers dashboard for building managers and teachers.

The public display is an interactive screen showing the building consumption in a simple and easy to navigate way.

waternomics cnac dashboard The Managers dashboard, a more advanced application with various charts and analytics components. The application is designed in way to integrate other applications and services from the Waternomics platform.