Inviting users to visualize details about water consumption in public spaces

One of the key pilots of the Waternomics project is the Engineering Building that is part of the National University of Ireland, Galway (NUIG). This building has been retrofitted with water sensors to show end-users (including building managers, staff and students) how much water their building is consuming.


The Engineering Building at NUI Galway  is a state of the art educational facility designed to be a ‘living laboratory’ where the building itself is an interactive teaching tool. The Engineering Building opened in 2011, it is the largest engineering building in Ireland and includes lecture halls, classrooms, offices, laboratory facilities, a café, and showers and bathrooms.

The building accommodates approximately 1,100 students and 100 staff in 14,000 m2 of floor space on four floors. The majority of students are undergraduates aged 18-24 years.

Target users need access to water usage details for various reasons:

  • Building managers need to verify and detect water usage issues, check consumption pattern, etc.
  • University staff and students need to verify projects results, analyse data, etc.

NUIG Users

NUIG target users include: Building managers, University staff and students

As part of this pilot applications, Waternomics team gave access to water usage data to end-users. Additionally, they have the possibility to visualise the detailed consumption of a particular water sensor at its location. Users can move near the sensors and scan a provided QR Code to see the results.


Users can use their mobile devices to scan the QR Code and access sensor data as show in the following video.