Research Toolbox – Data Analysis with Python : A Waternomics Case Study


This seminar aims to highlight the flexibility of Python as a useful programming language for everyday tasks in research. It is based on the experience of the presenter in the Waternomics project and research experiments. The overall goal is to share the experience of data access, manipulation, and visualization. The seminar will focus on following main topics and their relevant Python libraries: (1) The Python ecosystem for Data Science (2) Data access with pandas, RDFlib, requests, json (3) Data manipulation with numpy, scipy, statsmodels (4) Data visualization with matplotlib, seaborn, and bokeh (5) Tips and tricks (Jupyter server, pgfplots, latex, pyCharm) (6) Advanced libraries (scikt-learn, pyomo, NLTK) The seminar is expected to use the full slot of the Reading Group session, with opportunities for questions and discussion in between each topic.


Umair ul Hassan


Speaker Institution:

Insight Centre of Data Analyitcs