Waternomics exhibits at ECOMONDO – “The Green Technologies Expo”

Waternomics partner R2M closed a successful week at ECOMONDO on 6 November 2015 in Rimini, Italy. Recognized as one of the most important expositions on green technologies and the circular economy in Europe, the 2015 edition attracted 1200 exhibiting companies and 103,514 visitors over four days.

Ready for ECOMODO to begin

During the event, R2M had the opportunity to present Waternomics both at its booth and during the conference sessions. In its booth, the project was presented to visitors by Ing. Domenico Perfido, Andrea Costa and Daniele Bortoluzzi where video monitors, project flyers and a poster were used to highlight various aspects of project results and activities. Also on display was an interactive totem/touch screen display with project information uploaded which soon became a booth highlight.

Ing. Bortoluzzi, Ing. Perfido, Ing. Rocchetti and Ing. Donida at the R2M Booth

This totem is now on its way to the Linate airport where passengers will interact with project water conservation concepts as they move about the terminal. “It was rewarding to bring project concepts to a new audience and to get people’s reactions” explained Ing. Perfido. “We are hopeful we can turn this into consulting revenue and water savings once the project is complete.”

Entry to the Waternomics Briefing at Global Water Expo

Waternomics was a good fit at this year’s ECOMONDO which also featured as part of the exposition a “Global Water Expo.” It is clear that water related issues are getting more attention.
A last highlight of the event was that R2M was selected to appear in a RAI video segment. This has been aired in December and is now available on YouTube. You can link to it from the Waternomics website.

Global view of the Global Water Expo